ICON 450 Phone HD

Small spaces need a totally simple solution.

The crowded rooms are a flexible meeting space for spontaneous collaboration.


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The technology that supports them should be as fluid as the conversations between them. Lifesize® Icon 450 ™ and Lifesize® Phone ™ HD seamlessly integrate video, audio and web conferencing with programmable touchscreen control and exceptional audio and video quality. It is an unparalleled experience for crowded rooms.

Lifesize Icon 450

The compact design of the Lifesize Icon 450 is designed to bring face-to-face video communication to the meeting room. The advanced framing sensor adjusts the camera automatically to ensure that everyone in the room is visible during the call. Its extraordinarily sharp wide-angle lens provides an expanded field of view, capturing everyone on the screen, even in small meeting spaces. If you are looking for a simple and scalable way to implement conference room systems with integrated connect and ready functions for your offices, Lifesize Icon 450 is your perfect complement.


Hoja de Datos Icon 450

Download (511.16k)

Hoja de Datos Phone HD

Download (257.58k)

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