RealPresence Studio

Polycom Studio combines business class performance with the simplicity of rooms and small spaces. Our USB Video Unit facilitates connection more than ever with plug-and-play functionality that works with almost any video platform and budget.


• 120 degree vision area

• UHD capture resolution of 2160p (4K)

• Follow up of the interlocutor and automatic framing for the participants

• 5x / EPTZ zoom


• Controls to activate / deactivate voices

• Stereo microphones

• Stereo speakers


• 1 USB 3.0 type C port (compatible with 2.0)

• Power connector

• Optional external microphone

• 3.5mm stereo audio input


Security policy (edit with Customer reassurance module)


Delivery policy (edit with Customer reassurance module)


Return policy (edit with Customer reassurance module)

With surround sound and high-precision microphones, Polycom Studio allows participants at both ends of their calls to hear and be heard clearly. Since it has been developed over decades of audio research, Polycom Studio has the best audio quality in its class, allowing you to participate in meetings as if you were there in person. With intelligent features, such as Polycom Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock, Polycom Studio automatically mutes and suppresses background noises and other unwanted sounds that may distract you.


Polycom Studio works with almost any cloud-based video platform, giving you the confidence that it works on all current and future platforms. Our video unit works with the following platforms and many others.


Hoja deDatos Poly Studio

Download (520.41k)

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