ClickShare CSE-800

Wireless presentation and collaboration system for boardrooms and conferences

  • Wireless connection to the central display
  • Enhanced security features
  • Up to 8 users on the screen simultaneously
  • Share from laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Moderation, boardrooms and note taking

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The CSE-800 includes two HDMI outputs and inputs. There is a direct connection to existing equipment and integration is easy with conference systems. Furthermore, the two 4K DCI displays can control from a single base unit. On the other hand, the 2 network connections allow simultaneous and independent connection with several networks, eg. eg corporate networks and guest attendee networks, and offers an extra level of security and convenience for users. The CSE-800 allows eight people to share your content simultaneously. Plus, it ensures direct connectivity to the central display and encourages collaboration.

The moderation feature was specifically designed for use in larger rooms, where multiple attendees want to share content at once. To avoid rapid screen switching, making it difficult to follow content, a moderator can manually select what content is on the screen and when, to make it the best experience for all attendees. The moderation function can be disabled at any time, to return the system to the normal ClickShare operating mode, to share content with the click of a button. For greater user comfort, the security features of the CSE-800 can be set to one of three predefined levels, based on company policy and needs.

ClickShare presents the Touch Back function and the sharing of ideas in the boardrooms. Run any application from the laptop and control from the screen. With a few gestures on the screen, open presentations, share emails or start videos. Focus on your audience and content rather than the presentation tool.

Perfect fit with Barco UniSee

The CSE-800 is also one of the core components of Barco Ideation Wall for collaborative and interactive meetings. Just by combining a Barco UniSee LCD video wall display, a touch frame specifically designed for Barco UniSee, and a ClickShare CSE-800 that supports annotation, whiteboard and Touch Back assist functionality right from the start, you'll create a unique and unified experience in Click like Barco UniSee's seamless viewing experience, never before seen on LCD video wall displays.

The CSE-800 is a product created with controls and processes that are ISO 27001 certified.

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Hoja Datos ClickShare CSE800

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