ClickShare CX-20

Transform your small space or meeting room into an inspiring conference center.

  • Full BYOD support
  • Remote collaboration
  • Three levels of communication: works with any UC device and technology and with any brand of peripherals with USB
  • Enhanced security
  • Connected and managed in the cloud

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Started a quick meeting from your device

With ClickShare CX-20 it has never been easier to start quick remote meetings from your device, often an immersive and smooth conference experience for all participants, be they local, invited or remote. Use your preferred conference software in combination with the ClickShare conference button and you can start your conference in less than seven seconds. The CX-20 connects wirelessly to cameras, speakers, and audio peripherals in the meeting space, saving time and maximizing efficiency.

Decide how you want to collaborate

ClickShare CX-20 gives you exceptional flexibility and choice, letting you just have to decide how you want to collaborate. Regardless of whether you are using a PC, Mac, or mobile phone, ClickShare's wireless conference button and ClickShare collaboration app enable a seamless and consistent user experience. In addition to being compatible with multiple ClickShare devices, the CX-20 is fully compatible with its conference platform (UC) technology and its USB peripherals. Other features like the local view of the room screen help tailor the experience.

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Hoja Datos ClickShare CX20

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