ICON 600 Single Display MICPOD

The best quality of its kind for large meeting spaces.

The conference rooms and boardrooms are the classic configurations for video calls.


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These rooms, equipped with the best quality video, allow numerous teams to connect and establish relationships through regular commercial face-to-face conversations. Lifesize® Icon 600 ™ and Lifesize® Camera 10x ™ are ideal for large meeting spaces and provide an immersive experience that improves engagement and productivity.

Lifesize Icon 600 is designed for ultimate collaboration in large meeting spaces. The installation only takes a few minutes, and it takes seconds to start a video call. Dual screen support allows you to set up a screen to share the presentation in the room and the other screen for the use of active video participants. With the double screen feature, you can share your presentation without sacrificing face-to-face communication with your team. When you connect to Lifesize Camera 10x and its 10x optical zoom, thanks to the improved use in low light conditions in medium and large spaces and the smooth handling of pan, tilt and zoom, Lifesize Icon 600 will make you practically forget that you are in video


Hoja de Datos Icon 600

Download (561.5k)

Hoja de Datos Digital Micpod

Download (360.87k)

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