Poly (Polycom)

One of the most prominent companies in the manufacture of videoconferencing and communications systems for the business world is Polycom. Since its foundation in 1990, a name has been carved by launching a wide range of products with a multitude of functions, which adapt perfectly to the needs of those who install them. They have developed hundreds of proprietary patents that help distinguish their systems from any other.

If you are interested in optimizing the operation of your office with a Polycom system, We have spent years marketing Polycom equipment and other reference manufacturers in the field of professional telecommunications, studying the ideal solution for each type of company and each space to be equipped. Trust us and get the service of a company that not only puts the best technology in the hands of your company, but also takes care that the staff can take advantage of their daily work.

This brand keeps in the market an endless number of models, from the classic individual conference telephones to complex multimedia systems with video features and large automatisms. At DEKOM we have many of them, and we are prepared to offer multi-conference solutions and even telepresence to companies that are interested in it.

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